Fashion: Pretty in pink

This look is perfect for a fabulous casual first date or out for a shopping spree.

Shop the look

  1. Pink sweatshirt – H&M – £17.99
  2. Dark jeans – H&M – £17.99
  3. Mascara – Sephora – £12.99
  4. Bene tint – Benefit – £12.99
  5. Pore Professional – Benefit – £12.99
  6. Rouge red tint – Sephora £12.99
  7. Shimmering sneakers – H&M – £14.99
  8. Shoulder bag – H&M – £17.99
  9. Necklace – Forever 21 – £6.00

I LOVE THIS APP, SHOPLOOK is the NEW Polyvore! For somebody who has a disability this app is great because I don’t need to take photos of myself and change into copious outfits have which would be really difficult to me due to my dexterity and I would have to ask for help dressing. With this app because I can create looks for you and I’m not wasting energy.

I totally recommend this for fashion bloggers especially if you have a disability and it’s hard to dress yourself or go shopping or numerous outfits.

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