Writing: Conflict poem

Instead of having fires of passion

They have been replaced by fires of anger.

Instead of you murmuring sweet things to me,

they have been replaced with spite and bitterness.

Instead of you being next to me,

There is a vast space

and it’s not just the stretch of a hand

but, it is everything.

Kisses have been

replaced by tears and

concrete walls now guard us

from each other instead of the

the home we once lived.

Eyes are the window to

the soul but, my

shutters have come down

so that you cannot see my broken heart.

You promise you’ll

change but you never do

all that changes are my bruises

you give,

from black to blue.

Why I am I still here?

Well, isn’t it true, if

Belle can love a princely beast,

can’t I learn to love you too?

The man I loved is not who you are,

he’s trapped inside your angry heart.

So, I will love

the beast, till death

do us part

so there’s a chance my prince will


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