Me and my Disability: accessible transport

It seems to me that when you have a disability you have to think ahead where ever you go and that includes transport. They’re been a number of times where I wanted to go out somewhere on my own,spontaneously to use the taxi and I’ve been told for wheelchairs you have to pre-book. It’s fair enough when you consider the cost to buy an accessible vehicle, the money to run it and finding patrons who want to use it. A lot of the taxi companies I’ve used I’ve had to pre-book between the hours of nine and 4 PM due to them being on schools. Some days they don’t even run taxis at all!! 

The best route to buy me a not too bad, i’ve never had a problem with space on the bus taken up by buggies but, on several occasions I’ve seen drivers not meet my eye when I am at the bus stop because they are too lazy to get the ramp down. Well, people like that shouldn’t be doing those jobs.
Trains I find are okay as long as you sweet talk aguard into finding space for you on carriage. Where I live there pretty good with the ramps when you are getting or getting off.
Thankfully now that my mum has a road car the van stays with me all of the time so kim and I can go to lots of places, for example, today we are going to Cardiff Bay!
I just wish that if I wanted to travel independently that my needs would be accommodated for whatever time of the day.
See @shonalouise twitter to see her on going fight with a bus company 

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