Fashion and beauty: An interview with beauty blogger Shona Louise

interview with beauty blogger, Shona Louise

Good morning! Last July I interviewed Shona Louise, a beauty blogger, an LGBTQ advocate and disability advocate. 

1)Why and when did you decide to start blogging? 

2) What was your first post?

3) What is your most popular post?

4) Meaning behind your blog name?

5) 5 things you wish you knew before you started?

6) What’s in your to be edited pile? 

7) Tea or coffee?

8) Audrey or Marylin?

9) Fave song at the moment?

10) What have you been reading lately?

11) Fave makeup brand?

12) Do you advocate LGBTQ and disability?

13) What’s your hobby aside from blogging?

14) Do your family understand that blogging is a proper job?

15) Cosmo or Vogue?

16) Apple or Android?

17) Do you use any scheduling apps?

18) Who’s your favourite blogger?

19) Advice to new bloggers?

Below are her answers in bold: 

1) I started blogging nearly 6 years ago in 2011, I was at school at the time and was pretty isolated. I discovered the youtube community first and had a go at filming videos myself but once I’d discovered blogging I knew that was the creative outlet for me. The community offered my friendship and an escape and I’ve never looked back since.

2) My first post was a pretty standard and short introductory post, I’ve deleted a lot of my early posts now as they are really quite cringey but I decided to keep my very first one as it marks the start of the best thing that ever happened to me.

3) My most popular post is my 4 years of blogging anniversary post, which includes a giveaway so that’s why it’s so popular. My ‘true’ most popular post, one that isn’t a giveaway, is a post called ‘5 Things That Marfan Syndrome Has Taught Me’. Marfan Syndrome is a genetic condition that I’ve had all my life and in the past few years it’s affected me quite severely, leaving me in a powerchair, but I really wanted to document some of the good that has come out of having the condition and the life lessons it’s taught me, I couldn’t believe the reaction it got when I posted it.

4) My blog name is simply my first name and my middle name, it used to be ‘freshbeautyxox’ which is so incredibly embarrassing. I changed it just over 3 years ago when I bought my domain and I’m so glad I did!


1. I wish I knew that I would have been a lot better off writing about what I wanted from the start, instead of writing about what I thought was popular.

2. I really wish I knew how to take decent photos but I suppose we all start somewhere.

3. I wish I knew how to interact with brands and companies, understanding that I don’t need to say yes to every opportunity that comes my way.

4. I wish I knew from the beginning how much I would learn to adore blogging and how big a part it would become in my life so that I could put in more effort from the start.

5. I wish I knew that one day I would become proud of being a blogger, instead of hiding it out of fear of being teased.

7) Neither, I’m not really a huge fan of hot drinks, water or juice for me.

10) At the moment I’m making my way through Becoming by Laura Jane Williams, it’s been on my to-read pile for a while and finally, I’m getting around to reading it.

12) For years now I’ve advocated for disability rights, raising awareness of everything from ableism to accessibility issues but in the past year I’ve definitely taken things up a level, giving disability a bigger space on my blog. As for LGBT+ rights, it’s only been in the past few years that I’ve figured out that I’m bisexual/queer so I’m still learning and becoming part of that community. I’d really love to become more active in the LGBT+ community though.

13) Blogging is my one and only main hobby. My disability means I’m in pain all day, every day and I’m also constantly tired so I don’t have the energy to give to loads of different hobbies so instead I put all of my energy in my blog.

14) For me, blogging isn’t a job. I rarely get paid for doing this and I simply do it because I love it. Unfortunately, even if I wanted to turn it into a job I couldn’t because of my disability, it’s difficult to manage with it just being a hobby so I don’t think I could cope with it as a full-time job.

17) I sometimes use Hootsuite but because I don’t work, I’m at home all day every day so I have the time to tweet as and when I feel like a post needs promoting. 

19) My advice to new bloggers is taking your time, don’t feel like you need to be at the level of the top bloggers within 5 minutes. Work hard, enjoy what you do and talk about things that inspire and motivate you.

Here’s where you can find here:

UK Disability, Lifestyle and Beauty Blogger

Marfan Syndrome Advocate

@shonalouiseblog (Twitter)

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