Work Experience at ITV Wales Studio

So, if most of you have been following my facebook/Instagram/twitter you’ll know that this week I completed work experience for two days with ITV Wales, focusing on journalism and broadcasting.


Day one: Wow I was so not ready to wake up at six am, never mind makeup and hair before my grandparents picked me up at eight am! When I got there (10 minutes late due to traffic) I was in awe of this amazing building, it was pretty surreal since I’d never been in a TV studio before (I loved their huge glass window with Ant, Dec, and Michael Buble. Don’t even get me started on the This Morning cushions!)

Taking a deep breath I was greeted by my lovely boss Sarah. She introduced me to the team in the newsroom which can only be described as organised chaos with everyone running around and the phone going every two minutes. I was put to work straight away by finding some stories. Then I was introduced to Clair, she runs the webpage and she showed me how to upload an article. I was then taken into the actual studio, it was surreal to see the green screen for the weather, the robotic cameras and the famous news desk.

Next, it was the planning meeting where they plan the evening programme and get a head start on tomorrow’s edition. I can’t believe I had the gall to speak up in a room full of journalists and suggest a story! I thought I would be the lackey but oh no! They accepted my ideas with great enthusiasm. I also learned a whole lot of media lingo, by lunchtime my head was spinning! I sat with a lovely group of people; Molly, Saif and Zarah who were apprentices there.

After lunch and Red bull, it was time to watch the lunchtime broadcast live in the studio. The presenter, Andrew was lovely and answered all my questions was very patient with me. I also had a headset so I could hear the director and they time everything to the last second.

It was back to story hunting and I was tracking people down on social media for statements and reactions for stories. One of which really impressed Sarah, It was about a baby who’d had a stroke and his mother set up a charity called HemiChat where other parents could connect and receive support. It was great as we were running a neonatal piece the next day.

Lastly, it was time to watch them tape certain segments of the evening news and then watch it go out live on air. I can’t believe Andrea Byrne was giving me tips!!

Shattered, at quarter to seven I headed home filled with elation that I’d been instrumental in the daily news going out. I felt, at last, a sense of pride that I’d worked hard and loved every second of it. I’d found my path in life.

Day Two: It was a bit quieter today as we only had four main stories to cover and needed fillers. It was surreal being in the morning briefing as there were ten journalists in the room and several others on Skype. I put forward my case of covering a story about a woman with a chronic illness and gratefully accepted my input and personal experiences with media coverage on the subject, as well as making sure that the HemiChat charity and story wasn’t forgotten.

Then I was back on story hunting and taking messages on the phone and then it was time for the planning meeting which was much like the day before.

It’s a very accessible building but trust me to get locked in the toilet with no phone signal. Luckily my plea for help was heard by a gent who rescued me with a two pence piece… I don’t think I’ve ever blushed with embarrassment that much ever.

Lunchtime and it was time for another Redbull. Then uh oh! My back started to spasm and I ended up having to take Cocos but, I had to push through. Later on, I was shown into the editing suite and was told how to edit a programme.

After that, I was researching food festivals for an upcoming programme and happily skipped off home a six pm. Another exciting day!

Damn my chronic fatigue! I was supposed to be there three days but had to stay home due to a raging migraine and tiredness. I still worked from home though!


Sadly my time was up but, I’d definitely found what I was meant to do. I’ve now applied for a smaller company with an apprenticeship taking on their social media accounts as well as journalism.

Wish me luck

Rachel x

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