Me and my Disability: Post surgery – Two years on

So on October 24th 2018 marks two years since my discectomy. The pain wasn’t half as bad in my back but obviously now with my pelvis being under investigation, it’s flared up again…

I was sitting up and doing gruelling physio within two weeks as well as being back in college too. It was lovely to be pain-free for a good year and a half and to not be on so many medications but, my pesky body had other ideas…

When I have an update on my MRI I’ll let you know. Pain has been somewhat manageable with the help of my CBD oil.

Meanwhile, I’m focused on getting my novel published, I was given a contract last week by a London publishing house but, I had to contribute £1900 and that’s money I cannot afford to give away. It’s great and I’m honoured with the offer but due to me being unpublished and not having an agent I’m focused on submitting to smaller publishing companies. A writer friend of mine is helping me write a proposal for potential companies and her support has been invaluable. It just shows that my writing has the potential to be something great.

I’m still entering competitions and I’m not going to give up until I see my name in print.

I’m still waiting for a flat and I can’t wait to start my OU degree in October.

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