Me and my Disability: Why aren’t there more public disabled toilets with hoists?

Yes, I know I have a catheter but there have been times out on trips with Carers and I need a number two. (I’m human after all)

So when you find a disabled toilet you expect there to be equipment to help facilitate your needs right? Uh uh. Wrong.

Sometimes the disabled bathrooms are too small. Many a time a carer or friend has had to risk themselves getting injured getting me on the toilet.

i recently read a story in Take a Break where a six year old boy has to be changed on a dirty toilet floor to have his needs tended too. It’s wrong and dehumanising.

you know what his mum did? Started s petition and sat on a toilet in an emoji poo costume to raise awareness of the issue. But that’s not enough, it should be a legal requirement across the board to have access to this equipment.

Many a time, I’ve had to hold it in until I get home which leads to constipation. You shouldn’t have to worry wether a building has these facilities, it should be mandatory.

Sign this petition here to show your support. For more information and advice on this issue visit

Rant over.

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