Me and my Disability: Catheter Tips

    • Drink plenty of water and avoid caffeinated drinks and citrus juice.
    • Tight clothes can restrict your flow so I suggest elasticated waistbands.
    • In case of bypassing put absorbent pads under your bedsheets and on top.
    • Try to have regular bowel movements.
    • Change your bag as little as you can, this minimises infection.
    • So that you don’t lose bladder muscle use a flip flow.
    • Clean your wound regularly
    • Twist your catheter regularly so that it doesn’t stick to your bladder wall and makes changes less painful
    • Do weekly flushes so that sediment doesn’t block your pipe.
    • Don’t let your bag gets too full and pull because you can rip your wound and bleed.
    • Change your statlock regularly and alternate between each leg so the skin doesn’t deteriorate.
    • Periods can irritate your bladder – leading to bypassing.
    • Did you know that herbal tea can irritate your bladder?
    • Have patience
    • If you feel self-conscious as to whether you smell of ammonia I suggest carrying a body spray.

    I hope these help! Being catheterised is far from easy. A catheter should last twelve weeks but mine only lasts five.

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